Shrek the Third

Format: Xbox 360

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Age Restrictions: PG
22 June 2007

Save Far Far Away in this twisted fairy tale adventure. When the King falls ill, it's up to Shrek to find the true heir and save Far Far Away. Journey with Shrek, Donkey, and Puss-in-Boots, Fiona, Fiona's rebellious cousin Arthur and her fellow fairy tale heroine Sleeping Beauty on this all new twisted fairy tale adventure. Along the way, meet new friends, conquer bold enemies, and visit never before seen lands from the movie and beyond...

Shrek the Third takes up the story not long after the second movie. Far Far Away is in need of a new king so Shrek and the gang decide to track down Fiona's cousin Arthur to take on the job. The second that Shrek has left, the evil Prince Charming takes the throne by force. The race is one for Shrek and the rest of the gang to track down Arthur and ask him to take his rightful place on the throne.

This game is predominately aimed at young gamers and fans of the movie franchise and as such this review will reflect whether the end result will appeal to the intended demographic. It goes without saying that it's very unlikely those who like hard-core fighting and adult gameplay will find this satisfying.

The presentation is pretty impressive with a nice intro and generally strong vocal contributions throughout the game. Most levels have a comical introduction scene voiced by John Cleese which explains the ongoing story line. The graphics and levels are pretty pleasing on the eye and even the camera (which is usually the biggest sticking point on most games) has been resolved - as the camera is moved automatically for you. This also means that you'll need to check the hidden corners in the room, as the game's developers have hidden quite a few secret items out of view.

Throughout the levels you automatically flip between the playable characters (Shrek, Fiona, Arthur, Puss-in-Boots, Sleeping Beauty and Donkey) just enough to ensure that the gameplay never gets too dull. While the few puzzles that there are are never too tasking, there are enough levels to ensure that you won't finish this in an afternoon. And if you do manage to finish in a couple of days (like we did) there is enough extra content worth seeking out to make it worth your while to play through at least once more. Then there are the mini games that you can play - which add another level of satisfaction - as well a playable demo of Disney's upcoming Bee Movie game.

It looks like the game's developers managed to pull this one off (for the market it was trying to reach). Shrek the Third is, when all said and done, a pretty enjoyable game that will appeal to both the very young and the slightly less seasoned gamer.

If you're coming to this expecting something new and exciting you'll be disappointed, but if you want an adventure that truly captures the spirit of the Shrek franchise you'll be hard pressed to beat this.

Nick Smithson

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