Panzer Elite Action
Gold Edition

Format: PC
Jowood Games

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Age Restrictions: 16+
29 June 2007

Experience the Blitz as a Prussian officer, defend your home country as a Russian tank commander, or march right through to Berlin as an allied commander - three dynamic European campaigns await you as well as two separate North African campaigns...

Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition bundles together Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory with the add-on Panzer Elite Action: Dunes of War.

Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition is a 3D tank simulator. While this game seems, on first appearances, to be a dream come true for war enthusiasts, allowing you to take charge of a tank and roll over the enemy, or the scenery, the novelty of crashing through things and shooting at anything you see soon wears off. As wave after wave of enemy attack you it starts to get a little too repetitive a little too quickly.

Fields of Glory follows the story of three tank commanders and their crew. The German commander, pumped by the fast success in Poland and France, moves on to the Eastern Front and the brink of victory with the taking of Stalingrad. We meet the Russian commander in the desperate straits as he helps defend Stalingrad, and follow him as the tide turns against the Germans and he joins the massive tank battle of Kursk. The American commander enters the war on the Normandy Beachhead on D-Day. After the struggle for the Bocage, he defends the German outbreak at the the Battle of the Bulge, and then drives on to the victorious crossing of the Rhine.

Dunes of War follows the story of two tank commanders and their crew through their harrowing North Africa battle campaigns. The German commander, called in to help the Italian army, moves from the European theatre to the dunes of the Sahara. The American commander enters the war on the African beaches of the Mediterranean.

The graphics are not fantastic, but detailed enough, and the action comes thick and fast with heaps of things to destroy - if the mood takes you. It's like an old school arcade game but with souped up graphics.

The main downside is that blowing things up really does get very old very quickly (believe it or not) and it's not long before you start to look for something a little more interesting.

Fun in short bursts, but not a game that you'll want to go back to very often. Having said that, as you get two games for £20 it's not a bad deal - just don't expect to be playing for weeks and weeks and you won't feel cheated.

Nick Smithson

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