Final Fantasy Tactics
The War of the Lions

Format: PSP
Square Enix

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Age Restrictions: 12+
05 October 2007

From the creative minds behind
Final Fantasy XII comes an epic combat adventure set in the hugely successful Final Fantasy universe. Imaginative artistic design sets a beautiful backdrop for a gritty, politically charged tale, in which two young men endeavour to reshape the course of history. When the Lions clash, the land of Ivalice trembles. Have you the strength to wrest a kingdom from the clutches of war, or will this dark act of Ivalice's history be her last...?

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions brings one of the best loved Final Fantasy Playstation games to the PSP (Final Fantasy Tactics - with was first released in 1997). Originally only available in Japan and America, this release also brings the game into Europe for the first time.

The developers have tweaked the original game somewhat (listening to the few minor complaints players had with it) and added a few extra classes, characters and the ability to engage in multiplayer games.

Rather than the normal vast RPG that the Final Fantasy franchise is known for, Tactics is a turn based strategy RPG that sees you moving your team around the terrain in order to defeat your enemy. Each of your characters has different abilities and movement capabilities and, each action you take earns your team experience points as well as job points which allows you to open up more possibilities during your combat.

As strategy games go, they don't come much slicker than Tactics. This is one adventure that gamers will return to time and time again. For £30 you really couldn't ask for more.

Nick Smithson

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