Format: PC

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Age Restrictions: 18+
22 November 2007

You are Belial, the only child of both Heaven and Hell. Locked in the depths of purgatory for aeons, you finally achieve your freedom and now you're looking for some pay back. Armed to the teeth with demonic weaponry you must battle your way through the hosts of Hell to gain your freedom...

Painkiller: Overdose is the new game in the Painkiller franchise whose first instalment came out in 2004. Let's get straight to the point. The game lacks a lot of narrative structure, but then this is not the point of it. It's a pure first person, no frills, shooter which should appeal to gamers who don't want to mess about solving puzzles when killing things with bigger and better guns is a great way to spend your time. If you have played the original Doom or Quake then you know what you are looking at.

Installation completed without any problems and surprisingly for a PC game it worked straight away. There is a nice introduction movie to give the game a context and your straight into your killing spree.

Purgatory appears to consist of seventeen environments which look a lot like rundown versions of earthly places. The first environment is a kind of Greco-Roman affair - lots of pillars covered in flames. The next is a faux Japanese setting and the third a desert. Each environment has its own particular monsters and overall the single player game sports more than forty different types of these beasts, as well as some monster bosses.

Whether you like the game is really going to depend on how much you like killing things. There has been a trend amongst games to have a more involved script and Overdose has pretty much no script at all. I personally did not find this a problem, as you don't have to remember where you were in the game, just crank it up and start killing things. However, I would imagine that as an audience, people like myself, are a dwindling number.

The only really problematic thing is the loading times, which are almost long enough to allow you to make a quick cup of tea. This is fairly unforgivable of a modern game, especially one as simple as this.

Charles Packer

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