Cheggers Party Quiz

Format: PC
Oxygen Games

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Age Restrictions: 13+
03 December 2007

Bursting with thousands of questions, plus multiple play modes and rounds, Cheggers Party Quiz is delivered in Cheggers' inimitable witty style. From casual play with family or friends to serious sporting challenges this game has something for everyone - rather like Cheggers himself...

Boasting eight rounds, thousands of entertainment questions and loads of ways to have fun, Cheggers Party Quiz has found its way onto PC.

The game is the usual stuff that gets dragged out either when you're a little too drunk with friends or when you want to keep your relatives, who insist on staying, amused. The game isn't actually presented by Cheggers, although he provides the vocals, but a rather scary CGI version of him - which looks all the world as if he has been slightly micro waved and French polished. There is something off-putting about a character that look like a cheery version of Gollum's dad who cant even lip synch to his own words. It all gets a little surreal, especially after a few drinks.

The game is relatively straightforward and, so long as you have not been comatose for the last two decades, the answers shouldn't tax you too much. Cheggers presents you with a number of games and you can choose the number of players up to four. Most of the rounds are point and click affairs, often with a picture of a celebrity and a multiple choice question about what they were in or where they were born. Each right answer gets you points and a chance to sneer at the ignorance of others.

You can play three different length games, but that's where the customisation really stops. You do have options of doing things like turning the music off, a button I highly recommend everyone pushes; its jaunty sound will have you throwing something at the screen in no time. You can't actually turn Cheggers off, but once you have the idea of the game he becomes pretty superfluous so that the game can be played in silence by simply turning your speakers off. I nearly got excited when I discovered that you could change the language from English to French, German, Spanish or Italian. Cheggers in French, I'm thinking, now that's going to be funny. But, sad to say, these are all provided by other, less manic, vocal talents. You apparently can also change the controller configuration, but every time I tried to play with this the machine froze.

Each of the four players is represented by a selectable icon from a collection of eight and you can choose from twelve different 'amusing' buzzer sounds, most of which should eventually guarantee frayed nerves, a family fight and not having to see your relatives for another year.

Overall, if you like this type of thing, the game is not bad, the interface is easy and the questions not too taxing. If only they had provided Cheggers' version of German it would have been funnier.

Charles Packer

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