Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge

Format: Wii
Oxygen Games

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Age Restrictions: 3+
07 December 2007

Alan Hansen, the legendary ex-footballer and sports pundit, has teamed up with Oxygen Games to create the ultimate game to test your sporting knowledge...

In Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge you must brave Alan Hansen's dry wit as you put your sporting knowledge to the ultimate test. Hansen, with his considerable expertise and experience, is the natural choice to chair this sports-oriented quiz which will see you proving to your friends that you are either the king of sporting knowledge that you think you are, or a sad pretender who doesn't know anything.

In the game Hansen is rendered in 3D, which I assume was a lot cheaper than actually filming him. This looks a little odd, but is by far the least important part of the game.

Featuring over 7000 questions, across all kinds of sports including football, rugby and cricket, the game also allows each player to personalise their icon on screen. There are a wide variety of payer icons and buzzer sounds to choose from.

The multiplayer option allows up to four people to play at the same time which makes this the ideal party game for a group of sports mad friends. But you can also play on your own.

Or you can play the Runaround Mode. Here everyone gets to select an answer and then you are given a short period of time in which you can change your original answer. This is perfect for tricking your friends if they think that you are the only one likely to really know the right answer.

There are plenty of interactive quiz DVDs out there on the market but sadly most just don't measure up. However, bringing the action to your console makes much more sense. Firstly there are no compatibility issues (not all DVD payers manage to play interactive DVDs successfully) and secondly there is much more that can be done with the format on a console.

While a few of the same questions had a habit of repeating themselves, on the whole this was a pretty solid interactive quiz. Certainly one to get in for when the lads come round.

Pete Boomer

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