Legends of Kitholan
Vol 1 - Tales of the Long Forgotten

Composer: David Allen Young
Drolan's Tower Music
RRP: $15.95
DTM 1001-CD
Available 24 April 2007

Every good gamemaster knows how valuable background music can be to their game. Whether to help introduce a new character, underscore travel and exploration, or add excitement to battles, music can be a powerful tool for enhancing the gaming experience. Dronolan's Tower was established in order to bring new and interesting music to enhance gamers' experiences...

Legends of Kitholan: Vol 1 - Tales of the Long Forgotten is the first of what hopefully will be a long line of original soundtracks aimed at gamers who are looking for new and interesting mood music.

Composer David Allen Young isn't simply scoring music to cash in on a niche market. The guy is writing for an area that he is passionately involved with. The result is a lovingly crafted score into which he has poured his heart.

Now, how do I sing his praises without sounding like I'm slating the market this CD was written for? It's going to be hard, but to be honest because of how the CD is marketed, a lot of soundtrack collectors will be put off this release. It stands to reason that if you don't move in those circles that you'll probably never even discover this soundtrack. And, if you should accidentally chance upon it, you'll probably avoid it like the plague because you don't want to be associated with those oddballs that sit in a candlelit basement pretending to fight dragons. Such is the stigma wrongly attached to the hard-core gaming population.

That's sad, because this CD is a great accompaniment to any fantasy role-play game, including Runescape and similar variants. It's also great as general background music when you are playing console games too. There is such a variety of tracks included here, that I think it's safe to say that no gaming scenario has been left out. Whether it's battles, exploration, triumphant conclusions, inspirational themes or general mood music, this CD has it all.

But what about the actually recording of the music? There's no messing around here. If you're expecting an old Cubase mix filled with synthesised instruments (the ones you've heard a million times on hundreds of other projects) then you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Young doesn't try and fob you off with a half-hearted CD. Showing a true dedication to his art, he's hired a proper Hollywood studio orchestra and choir to record the music. The end result speaks for itself. There's are tracks for every aspect of gaming on here and none of the tracks sound alike - which can happen all to often when composers have a style they like to follow.

The presentation is well above the norm too. The CD sleeve uses materials that would put most movie soundtrack releases to shame - expensive, thick, glossy paper stock with an impressive work of art on the cover.

Now, all we need is for someone in the movie industry to pick up on Young's talents, and we'll have another great movie composer working in Hollywood.

But don't just take my word for it. Pop over to to sample some of the wonders that await you on this CD that all gamers should add to their collections.

Nick Smithson

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