Radio Rivendell Compilation

Composers: Various
Waerloga Records
RRP: 15 Euro
WAER 010
Available 19 May 2007

Waerloga Records and Radio Rivendell present a fresh fantasy music compilation. Fans of dark ambient, orchestral, neo folk, video game, fantasy music will enjoy this compilation. Radio Rivendell has gathered the 16 artists carefully with the goal of revealing some of the best up and coming acts in the genre. Almost all of the tracks are previously unreleased. In short a dark, moody and varied compilation, with a high quality of music. You can see the compilation as an instrumental soundtrack to several (not existing) fantasy music films or games...

Radio Rivendell ( is a non-commercial, non-profit making web-based radio station dedicated to playing fantasy music. The station has been online since 2001 and its music content is mainly from fantasy films like Lord of the Rings, Conan, Willow, etc. It also features music from well known computer games including Warcraft, Baldur's Gate, Dungeon Siege and many more.

The core listeners are either roleplay fans who want some ambient background music when they are playing, or fans of soundtracks in general.

More recently the station has also started to play music from unknown artists who have either scored music to obscure games that never made it into the mainstream, or from artists who compose for the love of it.

Highlights of this collection, for me, include:

Into the Green - The Heroes Return: This is possibly the collection's most mainstream style theme tune and has a lot of energy.

Voice of Seraphim: As impressive as any movie soundtrack you'll hear. In fact I was reminded of Patrick Doyle's music - especially from the movie Eragon.

The Pavillion: An interesting slow track that builds nicely.

Escape from the Dragon's Lair: A great track which gets the blood pumping - ideal to listen to when playing a game that involves a race against time, or some sort of chase.

The Mermaid: Part I: The Storm: Arguably this compilation's most beautiful piece. By far and away my favourite track. It sounds not unlike Danny Elfman's incidental music for Edward Scissorhands. In fact there are more than a few Elfman beats used through out this piece.

While this compilation is pretty impressive and showcases a lot of new talent I wonder how many people will actually want to purchase this when they can listen to an endless stream of music for free on Radio Rivendell's website.

Personally I think it's worth buying and will find a welcome home amongst any soundtrack, or roleplay fan's collection.

Ray Thompson

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