Simon Magus

Composer: Abnocto
Waerloga Records
RRP: 15 Euro

Available 19 May 2007

Recorded 60 meters below the centre of Stockholm, in a long forgotten chamber among the city's tunnels, this collection of instrumental tracks was inspired by the so called evil Simon Magus who fought Simon Petrus. The music conjures up images of dark spacious temple halls, demons, mystical rites and churches. Instruments used in this collection include piano, farfisa organ, dark ritualistic drums, keyboards, harps and various string instruments...

In 2002 Simon Heath and Simon Kölle (who collectively are better known as Abnocto) began their long decent deep under the centre of Stockholm. They took with them books about Simon Magus, occult books, bedding, water, food and their music gear - they even managed to transport a farfisa organ.

Once in place the two of them planned to stay underground for a week recording the music contained on this CD. The resulting tracks were later mixed, but a release never saw daylight. The finished result has been laying in the Waerloga Studio vaults since then - until the powers that be finally decided to give it a CD release.

The resulting album is a collection of dark, gothic tunes that fit neatly together in an eerie way - although I'm wracking my brain trying to think of who this would be of interest to. It's a little too dark for most, and would probably be best suited for those who like to play fantasy role-play games.

Personally this wasn't really my thing, but I can certainly appreciate that a lot of people will enjoy it and it will certainly find a welcome place in any fantasy war gaming fan's collection of ambient music.

Ray Thompson

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