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Audio Drama Review


(Full-cast Dramatisation)


Author: Mary Shelly
Starring: Michael Maloney, John Wood, Philip Joseph and Janys Chambers
BBC Audio
RRP: £12.99
ISBN: 978 1 4084 0047 0
Available 14 August 2008

Victor Frankenstein, an ambitious young scientist and seeker after knowledge, considers it the pinnacle of his career when he makes a creature in his own name. But his triumph soon turns to horror, and he is appalled when the Creature, denied a female counterpart, turns against his creator and commits a terrible crime. In a desperate attempt to destroy his creation, the scientist tracks him from Europe to the desolate North Pole, and in this bleak landscape of ice and fog, prepares to confront his nemesis...

This adaptation of Frankenstein was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in two parts on 9 and 16 October 1994. It is a dark and brooding dramatisation of Mary Shelley's famous novel, and stars Michael Maloney as the scientist who makes a creature in his own name. Denied a female counterpart, the creature turns on his creator, then murders Frankenstein's brother. In an attempt to destroy his creation, the scientist tracks him to the Arctic - where this tale opens.

This radio play begins with the crew of the ship Archangel who see a giant of a man on a sledge in the middle of the Arctic. Four days later they see another man on the ice and ask if he wishes to come on board. At first he declines their offer, until he hears that they are heading to the North Pole. Once aboard, we discover that this man is professor Frankenstein and he is heading North to track and down and destroy his creation. Frankenstein then recounts his tale of how the monster was created and why he is chasing it.

This 2-disc CD collection is wonderful retelling of the timeless, classic story. The acting it uniformly impressive, as are the sound effects. If I had one slight moan, it's that the mix is a little uneven and that in places the sound is too loud and in others it's too quiet.

This is certainly a collection worth picking up.


Nick Smithson

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