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Star Trek
Vulcan's Soul
Book III - Epiphany


Authors: Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz
Pocket Books
RRP: £6.99, US $7.99, Cdn $9.50
ISBN-13: 978 0 7434 6363 8
ISBN-10: 0 7434 6363 3
Available 06 May 2008

The years of the Sundering have passed and the great voyage has ended in betrayal. The Vulcans who had endured so much to reach a new home have been sundered once again. On the planet of Romulus social cohesion has disintegrated into political assassination and strife, whilst on its twin planet Remus, the abandoned Vulcans strive for an existence in an inhospitable world and against their fellow shipmates who have now become their masters...

Star Trek, Vulcan's Souls Book III: Epiphany, is the final book in the Vulcan's Soul trilogy, written by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz, whose events cover the period between the original sundering of the Vulcan race, to the establishment of the Romulan Star Empire.

At the beginning of the novel there are a number of loose ends to tie up. The book is set in two time periods. Firstly, that of the foundation of Romulus and Remus and events in the twenty-third century, a year after the Dominion Wars, where a new race, the Watraii, seem intent on destroying Romulus society - for reasons which any astute reader should have worked out by book three.

So what if the plot is heading exactly where you thought it would? The devil is in the detail and Sherman and Shwartz have rightly spent the majority of the book tying up the historical loose end. So, we see how the Remans, who turn up in Star Trek: Nemesis got to be the way they are; who and what are the Watraii; and what happened to the original Vulcan survivors which where condemned to live on Remus.

One of the things which I really liked about the book was that the narrative was shown from differing perspectives. Rather than tell the story from one point of view the authors have opted to give voice to three of the main characters. So, we are able to examine the ideas of survival from three distinct viewpoints. Karatek, works to maintain his people's survival in the harsh conditions, whilst Solor realises that survival is not enough if people do not have meaning and lastly Sarissa, whose synthesis of both ideas leads to a decision which changes Romulan and Vulcan history.

Overall Epiphany represents a satisfying, if not mind blowing ending to the trilogy.


Charles Packer

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