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The Essential Batman Encyclopedia


Author: Robert Greenberger
Titan Books
RRP: £18.99, US $29.95
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 957 4
ISBN-10: 1 84576 957 0
Available 27 June 2008

Gotham City is plagued with crime and corruption in places high and low, but one man has taken a stand against evil of all forms: the dark avenger known as Batman. Now, in this up-to-the-minute, essential reference guide, former DC Comics Editor Robert Greenberger details the complete history of the Dark Knight, including his origins, comprehensive biographies of every character and key location in the Batman universe from Apokolips to Zatanna, the Justice League of America, and much more...

"Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot. So my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts. I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible... I shall become a bat!" So declared millionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne, orphaned as a boy by a murderous thug and driven as a man to battle the scourge of crime by becoming Batman.

Batman swooped into popular culture in 1939 and for nearly seventy years has thrilled audiences in countless comics, live-action and animated television programs, and seven feature films.

Prowling the darkened rooftops of Gotham City, roaring through the teeming streets in the sleek, high-powered Batmobile, and leaping into action when the iconic Bat-Signal pierces the night sky, the Caped Crusader is a larger-than-life legend. And now, for the first time in more than thirty years, everything there is to know about Batman - from the beginning to the present, and from A to Z - is collected in one comprehensive new sourcebook.

There are biographies of every major character in the Batman universe - including his closest allies, from Robin the Boy Wonder and faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth to Commissioner Gordon; and his countless enemies, from the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler to Scarecrow, Two-Face, Rā's al Ghūl, and Poison Ivy.

There are also 32 colour pages which reprint classic cover, strips and other art work.

While some will ask why on earth anyone would want to spend £19 on a book when pretty much the same content can be found searching on the Internet, Batman fans will be mad not to add this to their collection.


Pete Boomer

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