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Bone Key


Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Titan Books
RRP: £6.99, US $7.99
ISBN: 978 1 8457 6947 5
Available 26 September 2008

Sam and Dean Winchester are not your average pair of brothers. Since losing their mother to a demonic attack twenty-two years ago, their father has schooled them in the ways of demons - how they inhabited the back roads of America - and he has taught them how to fight and kill evil. Now the brother travel in their father’s old Impala, taking a stand between the human world and that of the supernatural...

Supernatural: Bone Key is another tie-in novel for the show, written by Keith R. A. DeCandido, a man who obviously never sleeps given his prolific annual output of novels. His previous Supernatural novel, Nevermore, was a little light on the horror, thankfully DeCandido has addressed this in his new novel with many juicy and lurid descriptions of death. More than this he has, in these short sequences, presented the characters in such a way that even after only a few pages of introduction to the prospective victim you actually feel for the characters.

The latest story is set in Florida Key West, my better half informs me that this is the southern most point of the United States and she should know as she lived there for several years. As dead bodies keep being discovered, and the instances of ghosts appearing increases, the boys head down to the sunshine state to see what is going on, only to run smack into a couple of demons, who have escaped from the Devil’s Gate, and a whole tribe of American Indians out for revenge.

DeCandido’s style is very easy to read, almost conversational, making this a relaxed way to spend a few hours. For fans of the show there is enough detail to place the story after the third season’s episode A Very Supernatural Christmas, but not so much that it would be off putting for the casual reader. He captures the nuances of Sam and Dean’s vocal patterns well, which should save him from being strung up by fans. What criticism can be thrown at the book can be thrown at any other tie-in book. You know the boys will survive because the writer is constricted by what is considered canon with the show.

So a good tie-in book which should appeal to both fans and the casual reader.


Charles Packer

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