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Prom Night


Starring: Brittany Snow, Scott Porter and Jonathan Schaech
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
RRP: £24.99
Certificate: 15
Available 13 October 2008

It's been three years since Donna's family was murdered by Richard Fenton, a teacher obsessed with her. Now living with her aunt and uncle, Donna is still having nightmares about the horrific night. On Donna's prom night, Detective Winn, who handled the original case, is informed that Fenton broke out of the psychiatric hospital three days ago. Winn isn't taking any chances and goes about ensuring that Donna and her family are safe...?

While the press release we received with this disc stated that Prom Night (2008) is loosely based on the '80s slasher movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis, the director has been reported as stating that the only thing they have in common is the name - so my question is why bother to call it Prom Night in the first place?

Sadly, this isn't shocking or clever enough to be described as a competent thriller, nor is it gory enough to come under the slasher flick umbrella. What we end up with is a fairly dull, by the numbers, teen horror movie. This follows just about every cliche going, bringing nothing new to the genre.

We never really get to know either the kids nor the killer that well, so I really didn't care what happened to them. The only really likeable characters were the two main cops. There's no sense of whose story this is. Is it Donna's? The detective's? or the killers?

Extras include an audio commentary with the director, Nelson McCormick, and stars Brittany Snow and Jonathan Schaech; Bonus View Picture in Picture Storyboard Track (which has a mini storyboard displayed on screen throughout); Interactive Poll: Where is the Best Place to Hide a Body (Here you have a choice of six places you think would be the ideal place to hide a body, and once you've voted - and if you can access Blu-ray Live - you can check what the rest of the world think); Deleted Scenes (4 min, 55 sec with optional cast and crew commentary); Alternate Ending (35 sec with optional commentary); Gag Reel (1 min, 59 sec worth of outtakes); Bridgeport High Vikings Video Yearbook (5 min, 36 sec full video of the prom night video that appeared briefly in the movie); A Night to Remember: The Making of Prom Night (12 min, 41 sec); Profile of a Killer (5 min, 59 sec); Gothic Spaces: Creating the Pacific Crown Hotel (4 min, 47 sec); Prom Night Photo Album: Real Prom Stories from the Cast (6 min, 12 sec); and trailers.

While not a total disaster, there's nothing here you haven't seen a million times before.


Nick Smithson

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