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Xbox 360 Game Review

Infinite Undiscovery


Format: Xbox 360
Square Enix
RRP: £44.99
5 060121 823631
Age Restrictions: 16+
Available 05 September 2008

Deep within a forest, inside a prison governed by the Order of Chains, a boy named Capell is being held captive having been mistaken for a hero of the people. A girl named Aya comes to Capell's rescue, helping him to escape. She is a companion of Sigmund, a hero dedicated to ending the tyranny of the Order of the Chains. When they meet soon after, Capell and Sigmund discover to their astonishment that they are virtually identical in appearance... in fact they could even be twins. Capell's life is about to change forever. Unbeknown to him, he is destined to decide the fate of the world...

In Infinite Undiscovery, players are drawn into a real-time world woven of countless threads where their choices spin untold discoveries. Traverse a seamless, expansive world with a party formed from 18 characters. Rise against the wicked Order of Chains in fierce real-time combat, but beware... not all battles are won by force. The most obvious solution is rarely the right move.

The game has a long and complex story which is great news for those that like to immerse themselves in games allow them to reap greater rewards the more time they play. You have 18 different characters to play around with. Most of them introduced in the beginning and the rest are met throughout the game. When you first get into the game, and get to start the game proper, you have already been introduced to two characters. One is the main character, which you play, called Capell - a hearty character who doesn’t like to see others hurt, he is also a wandering flutist. The other is Aya, a young warrior in the liberation force that helps Capell at the beginning of the game.

Another character that is introduced early on is Sigmund who is the leader of the liberation force and the only one who can destroy the Order of the Chains, and he is also the splitting image of are main character Capell.

In Infinite Undiscovery everything is real-time; from battles to checking your inventory. This means that if an enemy strolls on by whilst you're checking something it can attack you. While this can sometimes be quite annoying, it also gives a much greater sense of realism to the game.

The battles are not like most RPG’s where you take it in turns to attack. This too is all done in real time - including moving and choosing what attacks or spells you want to execute. You don’t have to choose all of these commands yourself, as there is a very effective AI that fights on its own with a fighting style that you can choose yourself. These include things like saving magic points, making combo attacks, or just going all out on the enemy. There is also a special command that can be used to choose two unique abilities for each character - some have to be locked on to activate, whereas others you can move around such as Aya’s bow to aim where you want the arrow to fire.

There are a number of places where you have to complete minigame like activities to complete certain parts of the game. For example you must use catapults to break down a castle door, or run away from a dragon whilst it's spitting fire at you from a distance. There is also a part in the game where you can use a beast command ability from one of the characters to get monsters to follow you to complete an activity. Then there’s a section where you have to play a certain song on the flute to unlock a door.

The flute also comes in handy as you can gain new songs that can be used to give certain abilities in and out of battle - such as dispelling magic effects or finding hidden treasure chests.

RPG fans will be in their element here - there's plenty here to ensure hours of gaming time.


Carl Simpson

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