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Xbox 360 Game Review



Format: Xbox 360
Disney Interactive Studios
RRP: £39.99
8 717418 177140
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 26 September 2008

Thrill seekers race against skilled rivals and perform gravity-defying aerial tricks in this extreme sports off-road racing video game. Featuring vertigo-inducing massive aerial jumps and spectacular airborne tricks in photo-realistic real-world locations all over the globe. Players start by choosing among a variety of male and female character riders. They can then either race against deft A.I. opponents or online players (up to 16-player multiplayer) in frenetic races and freestyle competitions all over the world...

Pure is an ATV racer with some of the best graphics that we've seen on a game like this. You start with the option to play as one of seven different characters. Once you've chosen who you want to be it's time to design your own ATV - of course if you just want to jump straight into the game you can ask the computer to choose an ATV for you. And then we're off!

The gameplay in Pure is designed to be incredibly simple in order to allow everyone to just pick up and play almost immediately. As the race starts hit the accelerator and then, as you are about to hit a jump, simply pull back the left analogue stick and flick it quickly forwards to launch your ATV into the air. While in the air press the 'A' button and push the analogue stick in any direction and, hey presto, you've pulled your first trick.

As you race around the track you can launch into the air and pull any combination of tricks. There's a metre at the bottom of the screen that fills up the more tricks you pull off. You start off with simple tricks (button 'A') and then when you've build up enough on the tricks metre, harder tricks (button 'B' are open to you. Pull off more tricks and the hardest tricks (Button 'Y') are available for use. You can also use the energy stored in the metres to give your ATV a speed boost. And that's all you've got to master.

Obviously the higher up the rank you finish each race the better for you - as this unlocks additional content including new parts for your ATV.

On the negative side there is no two-player option so that you and a friend can compete at home - but then you can take part in races against 15 other players online. Also there is no option to change camera angles - all you get is the ability to look behind you.

As I mentioned earlier, the graphics are incredible and really help to add to the realism of racing around the circuits. There's no noticeable glitches either - even when all 16 racers are on screen at the same time.

There are several different games styles to enjoy - whether it's pure racing, or something with a little more strategy involved (like having to pick up fuel as you race around the circuit to ensure you don't run out of petrol) - that ensure you won't get bored of this very quickly.

Fans of racers will find this to be one of the best games on the market.


Nick Smithson

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