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PC Game Review

The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft


Format: PC
The Adventure Company
RRP: £24.99
9 006113 171003
Age Restrictions: 7+
Available 17 October 2008

The ever popular Hardy Boys have been going, in different incarnations, since the nineteen twenties and now they have another case to solve. Bearer Bonds have been stolen from the safe of Samuel Spencer, a neat trick since the combination of the safe was only known to Samuel and his brother, Thomas. The American Teens Against Crime ask Frank and Joe Hardy to look into the matter...

The Hardy Boys: The hidden Theft is a detective adventure game which sees our heroes walking around, collecting clues and spending an awful long time talking to just about everyone they can find. The age seven rating gives away the fact that whilst most of the puzzles are engaging they're not going to tax the average adult.

For a young teen audience, with an interest in puzzle solving, the game is likely to be a hit. Graphically the game is quite slick and the dialogue helps move the plot along, in what is otherwise quite a slow game, which is a shame given the high octane opening.  I guess that this was made for an American audience. Firstly the Hardy Boys were not as popular in this country and the bold statement that the boys are voiced by Jesse MacCartney and Cody Linley was completely lost on someone of my age.

For a teen puzzler the game does what it promises, even if it takes a little time to really start the action.


Charles Packer

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