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PC Game Review

The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes


Format: PC
RRP: £9.99
9 006113 181019
Age Restrictions: 7+
Available 24 October 2008

Match wits with Sherlock Holmes and his trusted friend Dr. Watson to solve mysteries in Victorian London. You will need to use your powers of observation and logical reasoning as you thoroughly examine richly drawn crime scenes for relevant evidence. Solve the crime by narrowing down the suspects and revealing the true culprit...

The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes is another in a string of recently released games for the casual player. Like Death on the Nile the game relies a lot on it atmospheric graphics and music to create an ambience while you work your way through a number of puzzles to solve the crime.

There are lots of different games to keep you amused - like having to replace the jewels which have fallen out of cat collar. You also get to look at two crime scenes to spot the differences. There are also games which test your memory, present you with anagrams and cryptograms.

From a map of London you have access to forty locations where the nefarious minions of evil have been engaged in dirty deeds. The ever present ‘hidden object’ game utilises Holmes’s magnifying glass for you to scan the room - if you're tempted to just hit every space on the screen this will incur a penalty.  

The game has some pleasant cinematic cut scenes and whilst the graphics are not cutting edge they are in keeping with their subject.

This should appeal to Sherlock Holmes enthusiast and casual gamers alike.


Charles Packer

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