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Nintendo DS Game Review

My Pet Dolphin 2


Format: Nintendo DS
505 Games
RRP: £19.99
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 31 October 2008

Enjoy a trip to a small island of the southern sea. During this holiday you can spend time together with your dolphin friend, explore the sea depths, take pictures and collect hidden treasures...

My Pet Dolphin 2 builds on the success of the first game game in the franchise, but this time you get to play as a baby dolphin that has an entire island to explore. This is a game aimed at the very young, or those that don't like the usual puzzle challenge or shooter games.

The idea is simple enough, explore the terrain collecting hidden treasure and taking pictures of any unusual wildlife that you encounter. As your dolphin gains experience you unlock new areas and meet different sea creatures along the way.To explore the island you use the touch screen to guide your dolphin through an undersea paradise. While swimming you must also hunt down rare treasures, which unlock different mini-games, like dolphin racing and deep sea diving. You can also view all the treasures that you've collected in the special Album mode or create your own garden in the brand new Flower Growing mode.

The touch screen controls are a bit annoying (why they couldn't just allow us to use the directional buttons is anyone's guess). To move you have to click on an arrow in order to make your dolphin move in that direction. This makes moving around and exploring your environment a bit of a headache.

You can also pet your dolphin, but this function becomes a little annoying as it's easy to accidentally tap on him while playing the game - when you do this the dolphin turns to you and you can't continue to play until you've stroked his head several times.

There are also a number of minigames, but these were just too easy to prove challenging, or entertaining. For example, there is a game where you have to throw a beach ball to the dolphin. He hits it back and you have to tap on it to throw it back to him. Sadly, this is so simple that you'll get fed up of it before you miss the ball and the game ends.

My Pet Dolphin 2 will only appeal to the very young - anyone else will be bored with it after half an hour.


Amber Leigh

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