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Nintendo DS Game Review

My Boyfriend


Format: Nintendo DS
RRP: £29.99
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 14 November 2008

Now's your chance to create the perfect boyfriend... is your dream guy tall and handsome, or blond and sporty? Perhaps he is a romantic intellectual? Take part in your own love story and do what you can to win his heart...

To begin My Boyfriend you must first decide on the name you wish your dream boyfriend to have and then decide whether he is to be an athlete, musician or rebel. Once this is decided your girlfriend comes along and after answering her multiple-choice questions you are on your way to finding your dream boyfriend.

Throughout this game you are set tasks, these come from your girlfriend and family. Your girlfriend is always encouraging you to meet your boyfriend and talk with him. You can only talk to him once you have found him and completed a task set for you.

Navigating through different areas in this game, such as your neighbourhood, the park, the shopping mall and the school, you can find different jobs to earn money. For example, washing cars in the neighbourhood, working in a pizza shop in the shopping mall and arranging books in alphabetical order at the school library.

With the money you earn, you can hop on the bus to the shopping mall and see what clothes and make-up you can now afford to buy. Upon your return home, change into your new clothes and glam up with make-up ready to impress your dream guy.

Whilst at home you can recharge your energy with a home cooked meal, a shower and quality time spent with your parents. Don’t forget about your girlfriend though as she will become upset if you don’t visit with her and answer her phone calls.

I found this game quite clumsy to use, with the stylus always having to be right at the edge of the touch screen and when trying to exit out of places such as the school library, if you touch a little too close to the entrance, off you go back to the task you just came out of. This did get quite annoying and frustrating at times.

I personally never got a chance to meet properly with my dream boyfriend. One of the tasks along the way is to work out where he is going to ‘hang out’. After asking people along the way I figured where he must be, but upon entry I was turned away saying there was no way I was dressed for the occasion. Many jobs later and shopping trips on, I still had not found the correct outfit to be allowed entry. This became so frustrating and eventually I got bored of the whole process and gave up.

This game needs a great deal of patience to be able to get anywhere with it and actually meet your ideal boyfriend. It’s not too far from the real world of relationships in the sense that it’s a lot of hard work and at times I felt I was going round and round in circles. With this being the case it would seem I am just not destined to meet my ideal boyfriend!


Helena Rea

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