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Nintendo DS Game Review

My Little Baby


Format: Nintendo DS
RRP: £29.99
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 14 November 2008

Take care of your precious baby! Watch your little darling smile happily at you. Make sure your baby has everything it needs. This will help it to develop and to grow up big and strong...

My little Baby takes the little girl's doll to a whole new level. Here you have to care for and love your baby from the day it’s born. You begin by choosing the parents and then whether it’s a boy or girl and finally naming your precious new born.

Navigate through the different rooms in the house to perform different tasks and duties for your baby. For example, the bedroom is the place to sing your baby to sleep with a lullaby, or prepare milk and meals in the kitchen for baby to enjoy.

Throughout the game your nanny will keep you up to date on how you are doing and will give out instructions whilst you carry out tasks, such as warming the baby’s bottle, running a bath to the correct temperature and changing its nappy, as well as many more things.

There is an application on this game to allow you to take photos of those special moments, like when baby starts to crawl and walk. These can then be saved in your own photo album and kept for memories.

In each room you can zoom closer to your baby, this function allows you to interact vocally, a microphone appears and you can sing and talk to them to let them know you are there and to keep them happy. Using this you can also teach them new words, as they get older.

Information about your baby is displayed: Love; nutrition; cleanliness etc. You can use this to see how your baby is doing. If cleanliness is low then you best hurry to the bathroom and run a bath or change its nappy.

As well as looking after your baby so it grows up big and strong you also have to keep on top of your housework. This all helps to show your nanny that you are a good mum. You also have the option to go to town. This option takes you to shops like the grocery store, toyshop, etc. Here you can buy anything your baby may need, just as long as you have enough money. I still haven’t quite worked out where the money comes from.

This game is quite entertaining to begin with, but I began to lose interest when my baby didn’t grow as quickly as I expected. Very eager to teach him to talk, crawl and walk I had to wait what seemed a lifetime and many nappy changes and bottle-feeds later.

Having said that, I did catch myself singing him to sleep every night and making sure he was clean and fed before I switched off the game. Maybe this was due to the lifelike sounds of his cry and giggles.

This would be a good stocking filler for the young girls in your family who might think they are too old for their dolly.


Helena Rea

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