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Legends Act 3


Composers: Za Frûmi
Waerloga Records
RRP: 15 Euro
Available 04 July 2008

The Cults of the world are seen as primitive and very harsh. They differ from the Orders as many of them live in the wild and in old abandoned temples of doom. The cults all share the common ground in that they worship a deity. Not all of them are sects of murder and blood but some of them most certainly are...

Legend Acts 3: Cults is the latest album from ritualistic fantasy music producers Simon Kölle and Simon Heath, otherwise known as Za Frûmi. This album is inspired by the Cults in the world of Za Frûmi.

The album blends music and sound effects to create an atmospheric representation of a collection of very different fantasy cults. The music is designed to reflect each cults environment and beliefs.

Highlights, for me, on this CD include:

The Cult of the Queen of Heaven. This takes a while to get going, but once it does, it's a very melodic and catchy piece - it's probably my favourite track on the album. Based on the island of Al Manreloza, the Cult of The Queen of Heaven worship dark divine beings in pyramid shaped temples.

The Blood Cult of the Nosferatu is the best track for ambient background music for war gaming or if you want to create a creepy atmosphere for a murder mystery. The Blood cult of the Nosferatu are sworn to work together and to break the eternal curse of the vampire. They live underground in abandoned catacombs, sewers and are guarded by ghouls. They cut the throats of innocent children...

This CD comes with a short, eight-page booklet which details each of the cults so that you've got a rough background to each track. This is not only interesting, but also helps to put you in the right mind set for each track.

As with previous Za Frûmi releases, there's a good mix of styles. The result being there's something on this album for everyone's musical tastes and for all gaming scenarios.

Hypnotic, enchanting and downright entertaining - Za Frûmi is constantly setting the standard for others to follow.


Ray Thompson

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