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Legends Act 4


Composers: Za Frûmi
Waerloga Records
RRP: 15 Euro
Available 04 July 2008

The Orders of the world are the secret societies with the power behind the thrones in many cities. They have often carefully graded and progressed teachings which are available only to a very selected few, an elite. The teachings lead to hidden and highly unique truths which bring personal benefits beyond the reach and even the understanding of the uninitiated. Secret rituals, oath´s and obligations vary but are always present. The Orders are esoteric with roots in different mysterious traditions from all over the world. Even though there of course exist military Orders they are set apart from the truly secretive ones with the real knowledge of the dark arts and the complexity of alchemy...

Legend Acts 4: Orders is the new CD release from ritualistic fantasy music producers Simon Kölle and Simon Heath, better known as Za Frûmi. The music on this album explores the Orders of the world of Za Frûmi.

The first track, 'Ordo Intedor', gets the album of to an incredible start and this is something that doesn't let up until the final track has ended.

As those familiar with Za Frûmi's work have come to expect, this album contains a variety of musical styles ensuring that there is something for everyone's tastes and for any gaming mood you want to set.

'Ordo Botta Secreta' was probably my favourite track on this album. It has a beautifully haunting choral vocal track. Although, this was the one piece of music where I wished that the sound effects had been a little less obvious. It's not that they're that intrusive, it's just that I'd have preferred to have just heard the choral music. Ordo Botta Secreta is an order of old weapon masters whom left their schools to search the true dark magic in martial arts and fencing.

'Ordo Custos Ari' is rhythmic and mellow and represents another great track, but then to be perfectly honest, there isn't a track on here that isn't head and shoulders above the majority of other albums in a similar vein. Orders has more of a movie soundtrack feel about it than previous Za Frûmi works - something which I, as more of a classical soundtrack fan, found to be much more welcomed.

There's also a an eight-page booklet which details backgrounds to each track.

This is the best Za Frûmi album I've heard so far - and it kicks the crap out of a lot of movie soundtracks.


Ray Thompson

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