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Sex, Love and Philosophy


Artist: Soul:ID
Urban Deeper Underground
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Available 03 November 2008

The Soul:ID story begins in Africa, where three-quarters of the band originate. Their journeys brought them together in Brussels, Belgium where after years of working as studio musicians and backing vocalists, they decided it was their time to step into the spotlight. The result of their combined talent is the album Sex, Love and Philosophy, first released in USA and Japan.

Soul:ID is more than just a band. Their unique story has given shape to a concept – dubbed - “Afropean Soul” - which reflects their virtues and beliefs. Soul:ID tells the story of today’s African and Afro-Europeans overcoming ethnic, social and economical barriers while promoting positive messages and images of what functioning multiculturalism can achieve. Soul:ID is a product of this African/European renaissance and recognise the importance of celebrating it.

The group consists of producer Urban Deep, the hip-hop drumming naughty boy and the nucleus of Soul:ID. Tchai, the beautiful soul-loving songstress with a golden voice. V, the stylish, soul-sensitive singer/producer and creative mad scientist and Dad’D, the old-school crooner/producer who brings a peaceful balance to the group. The name Soul:ID was chosen to highlight a coalescence of four different artistic and personal identities joining forces around their common love for soul music.

Upon first hearing this album, I liked it, from its chilled vibe, light hearted and sassy feel good tracks. Sex, Love and Philosophy is a feel good Afropean soul album. I was extremely surprised to hear a cover on a soul album of Spandau Ballet’s 80’s 'True'. Thinking about it, the cover could have gone horribly wrong but Soul:ID’s take on this version is cool, soft and sophisticated, just like the band members themselves.

This album has a good mix of soul rhythm from the upbeat tracks of 'Tender', 'Whatcha Looking For' and 'Love Of My Life' to the grittier, edgier sound of 'How Comes'. Listening to this track I can imagine it being used for a soundtrack in a classic gangster movie.

'Oh Oh Oh' has to be my favourite track on the whole album. Tchai’s vocals are, without a doubt, soulful, fresh and vibrant. More impact is given thanks to the addition of V’s gritty voice, to add that soul edge to the track, and of course Dad’D brings it all together with his harmonious balance.

What's truly incredible about the group is that, while this album is fantastic, they are even better live. In an industry where there are far too many studio manufactured groups whose voices are treated so that an average singer can sound great, Soul:ID proves that you can have an aesthetically pleasing band that can perform even better when they have an audience to play to.

Sex, Love and Philosophy is an Afropean soul album that will not disappoint. 


Helena Rea

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