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The truth behind the 'Roswell Incident' has long fascinated conspiracy theorists and the mini-series Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken adds a new fictional twist to this fascinating story. A great number of theories abound on the Internet - from the plausible to the ludicrous. To celebrate the DVD and video release of Taken on the 5 May 2003 Sci-fi-online takes a quick dip into some of the most discussed theories on the web today...
  • The Roswell Incident
  • In July 1947 'something' was seen to crash over Roswell, New Mexico. The government claimed it was just a weather balloon but conspiracy theorists have argued otherwise. Did the government use the weather balloon story as a smokescreen to cover-up the truth? Was it in fact a UFO that landed in the desert? Were aliens found on-board the craft? The mystery surrounding the events of Roswell has lasted over fifty years and shows no signs of abating.
Alien Autopsy
In 1995 a tape was discovered and circulated amongst TV executives the world over purporting to show footage of an alien autopsy conducted at Roswell in 1947. Was this real footage? Did this alien really exist? Or was it just a money-spinning hoax by special effects-happy college students? Although largely believed to be fake, believers in the Roswell 'cover-up' claim that such a tape may actually exist.
  • Crop Circles
    Many people have claimed to be behind the creation of crop circles - but which came first the fakers or the genuine article? Is it the sign of alien crafts that have landed? Is it just a sign from aliens? Or is it indeed just a couple of amused pranksters with some big planks of wood a few bits of rope and a desire for notoriety in the world of crop-squishing?

Moon Landing
Did NASA really make it to the moon or were the pictures staged to establish supremacy against Russia in the space race during the height of the 'cold war'. Conspiracy theorists argue that the lighting and shadows, on the universally recognised pictures, cast doubt as to their authenticity. In fact, they claim that NASA never made it into space and the pictures were taken right here on planet Earth.

  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Also known as 'the devil's triangle,' this area is rumoured to be located off the south eastern Atlantic cost of the US and is legendary as a result of the high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats and aircraft. These disappearances are explained by the fact that a magnetic here compass points towards true north rather than magnetic north and the amount of variation that occurs as a result could cause a vessel to wander off course. However, as more than 50 ships and 20 aircraft have disappeared in the area without a trace, the mystery of what exactly has taken place remains. One theorist argues that the missing vehicles are still there only in a different dimension that has been created by a UFO.

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Taken is available from Universal on DVD (£49.99) and video (£39.99) from 05 May 2003.

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