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The Ring centres on an Urban Myth that becomes a nightmarish reality for the viewers of a disturbing videotape. Once the tape has been watched, it is swiftly followed by a distressing 'phone call warning the listener that in seven days they will die... Over the years there have been many urban myths from around the world. All the stories are united by one common thread - their uncanny ability to unnerve the listener. Review Graveyard looks at the top 10 most popular urban myths...

1. A student at a party takes a sip of her drink and passes out; when she wakes up she is in a bath of ice in a strange hotel. Realising something is seriously wrong she looks down to see a huge scar and begins to scream. The noise attracts attention and an ambulance is called. When the medics arrive they explain that this is not the first time this has happened and that it is likely that her kidney has been removed to be sold on the black market.

2. A young couple on a trip to a well-known lover's lane are disturbed by screams outside their car and the boy reluctantly gets out to investigate. When her boyfriend doesn't return, the girl begins to panic especially when she hears a repetitive banging noise on the roof of the car. Putting the vehicle into gear she tries to speed away but something keeps pulling her back. The banging noise turns out to be the sound of her boyfriend's feet - a madman has hung him by the neck with a rope that has been wrapped round a tree then tied to the car's bumper. When the girl tried to drive away she just tightened the noose around her boyfriend's neck.

3. A young couple are parked in a pretty lane in the country. Listening to the radio they hear that a madman with a hooked hand has escaped from a nearby insane asylum. Spooked they drive away at great speed and decide to cancel their date for that evening. However, when they arrive at the girl's house she gets out of the car and begins to scream: there's a hook hanging from her car door handle.

4. Out for a drive in the country a young couple run out of petrol and the apologetic boyfriend sets off to walk to the nearest garage telling his girlfriend to lock the door and open it for no one but him. She waits nervously until she hears a sound outside, thinking it's her boyfriend returning at last, she looks out the window to be greeted by the sight of a lunatic with her boyfriend's decapitated head in one hand - and the car keys in the other.

5. A young female student has been out partying late at night. Not wanting to disturb her roommate she sneaks into bed without turning on the light. When she awakens the next morning she discovers the mutilated body of her friend and a message daubed in blood on the wall thanking her for not turning on the lights. Had she done so, the murderer would have killed her too.

6. Whilst out shopping on a Saturday, a kindly young woman discovers a confused old lady sitting on the back seat of her car claiming to be lost. She asks the young woman to take her to the nearest hospital and the girl is just about to agree when she realises that the 'old lady' has abnormally large hands. Realising there's something wrong she makes a run for it. When she later returns with the police, they discover a bag full of blood-smeared weapons on the back seat.

7. At a petrol station a young man is annoyed when the counter assistant yells at him to return to the payment desk as he has forgotten his wallet. Once back inside the building the assistant quickly locks the door behind him and points outside at the young man's car. To his horror, he sees a man armed with a large knife hiding under the vehicle awaiting his return.

8. A young girl baby-sitting for a neighbour receives a series of disturbing 'phone calls from someone threatening to kill her. Thinking it's just some thoughtless friends playing a prank, she decides to ignore the threats. However, to her horror she slowly realises that the person calling is not only genuine - he is calling from the upstairs phone...

9. Whilst out driving at night a couple of teenage boys are almost driven off the road by a vehicle with no headlights on. Flashing their lights at the oncoming vehicle to warn him that he has forgotten to switch his lights on, the driver takes this as a sign that they want to play tag and chases them until he runs their car off the road killing them in the process.

10. Finally, a dare for the fearless. Rumour has it that if you say the Lord's Prayer backwards at midnight whilst staring in a mirror, the devil will appear behind you...

With thanks to Jason Young at New Media Maze

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