Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) - Original Series


Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) stands as one of the best of the 60s ITC shows. And although it ran for only one season it is still very fondly remembered - partly as a result of a recent-ish BBC re-run but also because of an excellent series of DVDs from Carlton. Anthony Clark asks why is the show so good..?

The basic premise for Randall & Hopkirk is simple: two down-at-heel private detectives - Marty Hopkirk and Jeff Randall - are scratching a very poor living when a potentially very profitable case comes up. But before the two men can capitalise on their good fortune Marty is killed in a car accident. Jeff, and Marty's widow Jean, are distraught at the loss but the deceased private eye just won't stay dead.

The first episode, My Late Lamented Friend and Partner, starts with client Fay Sorrenson receiving photographic evidence from Jeff Randall that proves her husband's adultery. She requests Jeff's presence the next morning at a meeting with her solicitor; but Jeff is out of town so Marty Hopkirk fills in for him instead. Unbeknown to Fay her husband is arranging for his estranged wife's death...

Marty finds Fay dead in her apartment - the doctor diagnoses a heart attack but Marty isn't convinced. However, before he can discuss his misgivings with Jeff he is run down and killed by a hit-and-run driver. And now for the twist - Marty comes back as a ghost to help track down his killer but only Jeff can see him.

Jeff: "You're not dead!"

Marty: "Of course I'm dead!"

Jeff: "Then you're a ghost?"

Marty: "I suppose I am, really."

Over the following 25 episodes Jeff and his ghost partner, Marty, solve a series of decidedly odd cases in their own inimitable style. Pure enjoyment.

Note: Best to avoid the recent remake.

Episode Guide

1. My Late Lamented Friend and Partner
2. A Disturbing Case
3. All Work and No Pay
4. Never Trust A Ghost
5. That's How Murder Snowballs
6. Just for the Record
7. Murder Ann's What It Used to Be
8. Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying?
9. The House on Haunted Hill
10. When did you Start to Stop Seeing Things?
11. The Ghost Who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo
12. For the Girl Who Has Everything
13. But What a Sweet Little Room
14. Who Killed Cock Robin?
15. The Man From Nowhere
16. When the Spirit Moves You
17. Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave
18. Could You Recognise the Man Again?
19. A Sentimental Journey
20. Money to Burn
21. The Ghost Talks
22. It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water
23. The Trouble with Women
24. Vendetta for a Dead Man
25. You Can Always Find a Fall Guy
26. The Smile Behind the Veil



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