Futurama: Fry's guide to the 31st century



Q: Why do we still work in the 31st Century?

Fry: So we can afford to buy the robots that do all our work for us.

Q: What is it like working with robots?

Fry: Well, most robots do the work of ten men in half the time. But Bender does the work of half a man in ten times the time. He's my hero.

Q: What is the working environment of the 31st Century? Can you still hang around the water cooler and chat with colleagues?

Fry: In the 31st Century we can hang around and chat with the water cooler. That guy just won't shut-up though. It's like, if I tell him I saw the game last night.he still feels the need to describe every single play. Sheesh!

Q: What new ways are there to cut out of work, or make work easier in the 31st Century?

Fry: The best way is to clone yourself and make the clone do all the work for you. Heh heh. Although sometimes they kill you and take over your life, but hey, that's the price you pay.



Q: How has fashion changed in the 31st Century?

Fry: My favorite change is that you don't have to do your laundry very often, now that underwear is tattooed on.

Q: In what way has day-today life changed?

Fry: The biggest thing I noticed is that toasters now work 25% faster. You just put the toast in and WHAM! Also, space travel.

Q: What new modes of transportation exist and how do they work?

Fry: Most people take "The Tube", which blows you from place to place, or "The Shunt", which sucks you from place to place. The cheapest way to go is the "Squirt". I don't like the, "Squirt".

Q: What do you like most about living in the 31st Century?

Fry: There's always a space battle going on somewhere.



Q: What new types of sports exist.

Fry: Women's basketball played by men. Also, "Blernsball", a non-drowsy version of baseball.

Q: Where are the coolest places for a hip guy or girl to hang out?

Fry: There's this part of the city called, "Dodeca", in a parallel universe at the same coordinates as Tribeca. But, you have to know someone just to get into their dimension.

Q: Tell us about TV, how many channels do you have? Are any 21st Century programs still running?

Fry: There are five million channels, but at any given time, only one million have something worth watching on. The Simpsons is still on, but it has been going downhill since season 500.

Q: What other types of entertainment are there besides museums with celebrity heads in jars?

Fry: Museums with celebrity heads on poles.



Q: What type of new foods does the future have to offer?

Fry: There are complete meals you can take as a pill, but you have to take them on a full stomach.

Q: What, exactly is "Bachelor Chow"?

Fry: Like most single guys, I sometimes don't have time to eat potato chips and candy. That's when I pour myself a steaming bowl of, "Bachelor Chow". I'm not sure what's in it, all I know is it's made on a distant planet where really old people go to retire.

Q: What are the worst and the tastiest foods you've eaten in the 31st Century.

Fry: The tastiest were, these things I initially thought were slices of alien cheese. By the time Leela pointed out I was eating refills for a plug-in air freshener, I was hooked. The worst is creamed turgle.

Q: Have you ever eaten anything cooked by a robot?

Fry: Yes, searing abdominal cramps.

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