New York Robotic Organised Crime Syndicate

They're mean, mental and metal.
Review Graveyard caught up with Futurama's New York organised crime syndicate to find out whether they are really as bad as they think...

ReviewGraveyard: You have a reputation for being bad. What makes you the "baddest robots"?

Donbot: Well, let's see. Destructor there is a walking tank... Joey, he's somewhat bad-tempered... Clamps here has the clamps...

Clamps: The clamps, the clamps!

Donbot: ...I talk like Bobby DeNiro, who's pretty bad, and this guy Flexo has a goatee, the universal symbol of evil on all known planets.

RG: Do you think this is a fair labelling?

Donbot: Society only calls us bad because we refuse to conform to its individuality-crushing rules.

Joey: Plus, we'd like to beat up and rob humans.

Donbot: That is the individuality-crushing rule to which I was referring.

RG: Destructor, now just the name alone sounds bad. How do you live up to your name?


RG: Uh, yes, thank you. Moving along... Donbot, what is it like being head of the only organised crime gang in New New York?

Donbot: I resent that remark. We're not the only criminal gang. Times Square is run by many others that can't be named.

Donbot is head of the only organised crime gang in New New York. He is involved in various operations including the lottery. He is very calm and knows what he is doing usually letting Joey Mouse Pad and Clamps do the work. That said he isn't all that ruthless and will sometimes just let you off with a savage beating. He has a passion for the very expensive Zuban cigars.

RG: Flexo, you have reconciled with your wife following a divorce. Was your "bad" background a cause for that break-up?

Flexo: I'm sorry, but I respect my wife Angleyne, and I'm not the kind of guy to kiss and tell. No sir, not for free. So check out my pay-per-view special, "Flexo's Sexy Divorce"! Whooo!

RG: Joey - may I call you just Joey?

Joey: No you may not.

RG: Joey, tell us about your role in the organised crime family.

Joey: I hurt people until they give me money. Then I shoot things with my gun. Also, I'm in charge of stating the obvious.

RG: How did each of you become a hardened criminal?

Donbot: I got a degree in corporate accounting.

Clamps: I flunked out of Clamping School.

Flexo: I was framed for a crime I didn't commit by some guy named Bender.

Joey: I'm an Apple Bot, and I think different.


RG: Can each of you tell me whom you look up to as a bad idol?

Flexo: Bender.

Joey: Bender.

Clamps: Bender.

Donbot: Bender.

Destructor: Destructor Admires bender! I will destroy him!

RG: Clamps, does having clamps on the end of your arms help your "bad" image?

Clamps: Are you saying they don't?! That does it, I'm giving you the clamps! The clamps, the clamps!


Clamps is part of the New New York organised crime family headed by DonBot. He carries out the usual beatings and threatenings together with fellow goon Joey Mouse Pad. He is very proud of the clamps on the end of his arms and uses the very strong instruments as frequently as possible He has a very short temper and often threatens people with a clamping before being held back by Joey.

RG: What do you guys think - does Roberto, the insane bank-robbing robot, fit the same "bad" image as you sane criminals, or is that a different type of "bad"?

Donbot: Roberto's all right. He only stabs people who say bad things about him.

Joey: Duh, I tried that whatd'yacall insanity defence once, but it didn't work because they said I was mental incontinent.

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