Much of Yoda's history is unknown. When he was 700 years young, he served on a council of Jedi Masters instructing new students aboard the massive Jedi training vessel Chu'unthor. Prior to the dark times that resulted in the fall of the Republic, Yoda trained the Gannathan royal King Empatojayos Brand in the ways of the Force. Another student of his was the powerful and stern Qu Rahn. During those times Yoda was instrumental in stopping the rise of the Dark Jedi, one of whom had gotten as far as Dagobah, were Yoda confronted him. The Dark Jedi died, his dark Force absorbing into and twisting a nearby tree. It is believed that Yoda chose Dagobah as his hiding place due to the dark side energies emanating from the tree. From a distance Force-users, like the Emperor, could not detect Yoda since the master's bright light side presence would be cancelled by the Bpfasshi dark side presence. We caught up with Yoda as the
Star Wars Trilogy and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith were released on DVD...

ReviewGraveyard: Yoda, why do you talk backwards?

Yoda: The same question ask you, I might! Talk backwards, I do not. Listen backwards, perhaps you do.

RG: Do you ever say anything that isn't really smart?

Y: Through the Force, my wisdom flows. So, 'No,' my answer is.

RG: How old are you, Yoda?

Y: Nine hundred years old, am I.

RG: Do you date? Would you ever go out with someone who was 930?

Y: Time for dating, I do not have. When 900 years old you reach, be as picky you will not.

RG: What actors inspire you?

Y: All of the synthetic legends do I admire.

RG: For instance . ?

Y: Gollum, Dobby, Jar-Jar Binks, Shrek.

RG: In Attack of the Clones, you had a massive fight with Count Dooku, but when it was over you hobbled away leaning on your cane. Why?

Y: Strenuous work this is, you must remember. Pulled a muscle I did not even know I had, I did.

RG: I know you are very busy, so let me ask you one last question.

Y: Very well. Proceed, please.

RG: You have trained very young Jedi apprentices. What words of wisdom might you have for Earth children?

Y: Hmmmm. First, judge no one by their size. Second, learn all you can, knowledge leads to greatness. Third, try not - do, or do not. And lastly, remember this you must - always your rootleaf you must eat!

RG: Thank you for your time.

With thanks to Sylvia Brendel at DSA

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