Crash Force

F.E.V.A./Spin Master
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It's every young boys dream to own a well designed and cool looking remote control (R/C) car. But once they get the thing out of the box there's always an adult at hand to tell them: "No! Don't drive it into that tree! Watch out you'll break it!" So think how much simpler life would be (not to mention how much more fun) if you could smash up your R/C with no consequences.

Well, now you can. F.E.V.A.'s Crash Force Regenerator is designed to be smashed into things. Drive it around, run into walls ("Mind the skirting board!") and watch as it crumples before your eyes. And if you are really lucky the door will fall off! But worry not. At the touch of a button the car fixes itself and before you know it it's as good as new - if only real cars worked like that.

It's not exactly promoting careful driving... but who cares? This is about as much fun as you can have with an R/C car. I always wanted an R/C car as a youngster - I'm sure many dads who are 30+ will be in the same boat. There are loads of us oldies out there looking to give our kids toys that we could never have and this has that little extra something.

Presentation is also pretty impressive - the box screams "Fun!" at you. And there is even one of those multi-layered stickers (the ones that change image as you move them in the light) that shows any potential buyers what the car looks like new and crashed - nice touch.

You have the option of waiting and charging the battery that comes with this model, or putting disposable batteries in if you can't wait to get started... which I'm betting you won't be able to do.

There's only one way to have more fun than playing with a Regenerator car, and that's buy two and play chicken with a friend!

Of solid construction and beautifully detailed (you can even see the crumpled interior of the car when it crashes) this has to be the best value for money R/C car on the market today... and certainly the most fun.

Darren Rea

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