Wormwood - Abridged

Author: G.P. Taylor
Narrator: Robert Powell
BBC Radio Collection
RRP 13.99 (CD), £13.99 (Cassette)
ISBN 0 563 52405 7 (CD)
ISBN 0 563 52400 6 (Cassette)
Available 07 June 2004

Dr Sabian Blake - astronomer, scientist, and master of the Kabbalah - is in possession of the Nemorensis, an ancient leather-bound book that holds the secrets of the universe. Leafing through it one night, Dr Blake discovers a mysterious inscription in the margin that reads: "Wormwood... the bright star shall fall from the sky... and many will die from its bitterness."
Deciphering this prophecy could prove the key to saving London from a catastrophic fate...

But, there are others interested in the Nemorensis too - and for more sinister reasons. Dr Blake and his serving maid Agetta Lamian soon become enmeshed in a web of sorcery, as agents of both good and evil battle to possess the book and gain its power. They will face great danger, and must decide who to trust - for the wrong decision could cost them their souls.

Wormwood is set during the 1750s in Holborn, London and sees a serious threat to mankind - in the form of a comet, Wormwood, which is headed straight for earth. In many ways, this book brings to mind classic tales like The War of the Worlds and Quatermass and the Pit.

Robert Powell is an inspired choice of narrator. Not only does he successfully manage to engage the reader in the story, but his voice characterisations of the main players is extremely believable.

This four disc collection also includes a seven minute interview with G.P. Taylor where he discusses various elements about his life and work. It was interesting to hear that he lived next to a graveyard - which he claimed was the "dead centre of the village." (poor joke... and I'm not sure it was intentional either).

An interesting, although slightly clichéd story, that will keep you entertained for the duration.

Nick Smithson

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