Star Wars: The New Jedi Order
Dark Journey

Author: Elaine Cunningham
BBC Books
RRP 5.99
ISBN 0 09 941032 X
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While the Jedi's mission into Yuuzhan Vong territory was a success there were many casualties amongst their numbers. Pilot Janina Solo was one of the lucky ones to make it out alive but the cost to her personally was high. Having lost her partner she flees to the Hapes Cluster where she plans her revenge...

The Hapes Cluster, which forms the back drop for this novel, is really not the sort of place you'd want to be stuck in for too long and the writing catches this side. The Jedi are not welcome here and the current royal family are not about to welcome Solo with open arms.

It's not necessary to be familiar with The New Jedi Order series to appreciate this book. While it is helpful if you are a follower there is plenty of information to help you dive straight in. This includes a map of the regions and a Star Wars novels timeline to help you place when the events take place in the Star Wars universe.

This latest novel is set between 25-30 years after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope. It is written well and helps to build on the Star Wars universe. Cunningham's writing is particularly fluid - and her sense of humour is also spot on. A welcome addition to the series.

Pete Boomer

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