From the Dust Returned

Author: Ray Bradbury
Simon & Schuster
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ISBN 0 7434 2998 2
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Meet the strangest family - the Elliott's, which includes mind-readers, vampires and many other weird individuals. In a strange old house they gradually come together, mixing their arcane skills and lifestyles, falling in and out of love and changing the world around them forever...

Ray Bradbury's From the Dust Returned hides behind the promise of a new novel from the long silent author. It is, in reality, a collection of already published work dating back to 1945. But what Bradbury has done is update his work and provide a common linking thread between some of the old stories as well as adding a few more rather disappointing pieces.

By far the best story here is On the Orient North, which was originally published in 1988. This follows an old man, who is in fact a ghost, who is slowly fading away because modern society no longer believes in ghosts. He is urgently trying to get to England - where there is a ghost in every old house - where he can live happily.

The majority of the newly printed works are not really that impressive - not bad, but certainly not up to Bradbury's previous work.

If you are a Bradbury fan then you will have to buy this to complete your collection. However, if you were amazed by his past glories - including The Illustrated Man, Long After Midnight, Something Wicked This Way Comes or even Fahrenheit 451 - then you may be disappointed with this.

Nick Smithson

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