Dark Angel
Before the Dawn

Author: Max Allan Collins
Ebury Press
RRP £5.99
ISBN 0 0918 9031 4
Available now

Los Angeles, 2019. Large sections of tinseltown are in Richter-scale ruins in the aftermath of the Pulse and a devastating earthquake. Surviving on the streets genetic experiment Max is missing her genetically modified brothers and sisters from the Manticore research facility. By chance she sees a news story about the police search for a young rebel, who Max recognises as one of her Manticore siblings. She is soon on his trail, little knowing that she is heading into an elaborate web of betrayal, greed, revenge and selfless heroism...

Dark Angel: Before the Dawn is the prequel and first official tie-in to James Cameron's TV series. The series features Jessica Alba as a genetically modified woman who was created in a government laboratory. Before the Dawn fills in some of the gaps from the 10 years between Max's escape from Manticore in 2009 and her current adventures in Seattle in 2019.

Max Allan Collins does an excellent job in bringing to life some of Max's fears and character traits which appear later in the series. If you are a fan of Dark Angel then this book is a must read. And if you haven't yet managed to catch the series then this will help fill you in on some of the background information to help you get a feeling for the character.

Collins' writing is fluid and easy to buy into - which, believe me, is a welcome sign when you have to review as many books as we do here. As all good storytellers, Collins' writing engages the reader and he obviously enjoyed this project - it certainly comes across that way.

A great introduction to the world of Dark Angel.

Nick Smithson

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