Endangered Species

Author: Nancy Holder & Jeff Mariotte
Simon & Schuster
RRP 12.99
ISBN 0 7434 5070 1
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Cordelia Chase is particularly disturbed when she receives a vision about someone she knows - Faith. The picture becomes clearer when a onetime game hunter called Chaz appears at Angel investigations. He is searching for his wife, Marianna, a vampire. Faith is magically sprung from jail by Marianna, with a little help from Wolfram and Hart and sent away to be game in a Slayerfest led by Marianna. Chaz then admits he has a secondary goal. If he cannot get Marianna back he plans to perform a ritual that will kill all vampires, but already the items needed for the destruction to take place are very much in the wrong hands...

Endangered Species is a very busy book. Perhaps a little too busy for some, as it seems the authors have tried to cram three book-worthy stories into one. You find out a lot about Angel's past and Faith is yet again brought into the picture but there are too many things going on. These include the crew dealing with what might be the end of all vampires - including Angel, an evil vampiress with her old sorcerer consort set on ruling the world, Faith and the other captives running for their lives on a small island, and Wolfram and Hart's dealings in all of this.

The book is interesting to read, and worth taking a look at, but best for those who are fans of the show and can easily understand all that is going on. For those thinking about dipping their toes into Buffy or Angel novels, this is not for first timers.

Keri Allan

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