Cape Wrath

Author: Paul Finch
Telos Publishing

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ISBN 1 903889 60 X
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Just off the highlands of Scotland lies the uninhabited island of Craeghatir, Britain's most Northerly point. When a small elite university arrive on the island hoping to unearth the first major archaeological find of the twenty first Century they encounter Craeghatir's hidden evil force...

Cape Wrath is a gripping, if somewhat short, read and centres around an ancient energy which has laid dormant for some time. Over numerous centuries this malevolent force has somehow managed to cause terror and madness to all who visit its inhospitable environment.

This book neatly sets up an intriguing horror story within a contemporary setting - in short a supernatural tale of an archaeological dig gone wrong. It is not really until almost half way through this novel that events really start to get going. Not surprisingly the fates of the main characters are clearly signposted for some time. This helps to add to the tension - you know what is coming, it's just when? and how? that keep you turning the pages.

This is a macabre thriller which drags the reader in from the very first page and keeps them hooked until the very last page. Highly recommended - extremely well written and highly authoritative.

Heather Simpson

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