Author: Paul Ruditis
Pocket Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 0 7434 6110 X
Available now

Things look bleak for Captain Archer. Held accountable for genocide on a scale undreamt of by the nascent Starfleet, the
USS Enterprise is recalled to Earth, while the Vulcan high command use its example as evidence that humanity unprepared for the responsibilities of deep space exploration.

I have never understood the need to publish novels which are based on TV episodes. And while Ruditis work is all well and good, it is just the reworkings of a TV cliff hanger.

While Shockwave was an average Star Trek cliff-hanger it is a below par novelisation. I couldn't see why I should be enticed to purchase this? I couldn't see why I should pay £12.99 to read a little more than the episode provided on screen.

If you ask me this is over priced, over hyped and to be honest, not worth the paper it is printed on. Only the saddest of the sad fans will seek this out. Normally Pocket Books come up with the goods. Sadly this is not the case here.

The price for this novel is only £1 less than the actual episode. Please don't buy this and hopefully then Pocket Books will get the message. Their original books are great, but rewritings of TV episodes are pointless and, frankly quite sad.

Nick Smithson

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