Star Trek
Captain's Peril

Authors: William Shatner
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ISBN 0 7434 4819 7
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With the Alpha Quadrant finally at peace after the trials of the Dominion War, the Federation's greatest captains, James T. Kirk and Jean Luc Picard take some much needed shore leave. They intend to while away their leisure time on the planet Bajor - accompanying a group of scientists diving in the ruins of an ancient sunken city. But captain Kirk can't seem to do anything without danger following close behind and the two explorers soon find themselves embroiled in a series of events that include sabotage and murder...

Star Trek: Captain's Peril is another one of those William Shatner books which is "written with..." which begs the question: how much was actually written by the great man himself? There is enough intrigue, mystery and action to keep Star Trek fans entertained for the novel's 335 page duration. The book ends with the promise that, in James Bond style: "James T. Kirk will return in Star Trek: Captain's Blood."

While there are a few rather uncomfortable moments, like Kirk yet again getting to kiss the girl - even if he is trying not to, for reasons I won't divulge. The majority of the book is entertaining.

Mark Gerber's cover design is interesting showing the young and current ages of Kirk. An when all is said and done this is an above average tale.

Nick Smithson

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