The Longest Night - Vol 1

Author: Various
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December - sure,' tis the season and all that, but evil generally isn't up for a holiday. And December 21 - well that's usually the winter solstice. AKA the longest night of the year. Its easy enough to see why this night would practically be the undead's New Years Eve, which means, visions or no, it's a crunch time for Angel investigations.
Now, in the first ever Angel short stories collection, follow the gang hour by hour, from twilight to daylight. Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn and Fred have to keep the forces of darkness at bay - even when the black magick has a head start.

The Longest Night was a great idea for the Angel novel franchise and brings together the expertise of many fan favourite authors from the Buffyverse, such as Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder, as well as other authors known for comic work, and also first time published writers.

Brilliantly put together the short stories cover an hour each and follow different members of the team and problems they face. Well known people get involved on the way including Lorne, The Host, as well as conniving Lilah from Wolfram and Hart, and the stories all have their own twists - be it's good will for all men in the Christmas spirit, or just great supernatural tales.

If you are reading this before Xmas and are still looking for that stocking filler, go out and get this now or if not for someone else, get it as a treat for yourself, it is definitely worth it!

Keri Allan

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