Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Script Book - Season II, Volume III

Authors: Various
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer knew that her love of Angel, the vampire cursed with a soul, was ironic at best. But against all better judgement, the two were drawn to each other. Then on Buffy's 17th birthday, that love pushed Angel over the edge. Now Buffy's worst enemy is her ex-boyfriend, one time dorkus maximus Xander is an unparalleled ladies man, and her best friend Willow is having serious dating - with a werewolf!...

You've seen the episodes, sure, but now you can read the scripts. Buffy: The Script Book - Season II, Volume III is the kind of book which is for die-hard fans only, as not many other people are really going to want this!

Series two spawned some great episodes, and a few of these are included in this book. You may want to buy it if you are strangely odd and like to act out your favourite scenes, or perhaps just to read along while you watch. If you are a huge fan of Buffy you are likely to want this for collectability alone, but if you are also a fan of behind the scenes info, and filmmaking, this might also float your boat.

Although there will always be people who will buy a book solely if it has 'Buffy' on the front, the guys who put this together have added a little extra to give it some added value (I did say some, not lots!). The scripts contain never-aired dialogue, inside jokes and production notes, making it a must for all Buffy-philes.

These script books are not the kind of thing I would pick up, however for the die-hard fan or production geek, it's not that bad.

Keri Allan

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