Star Trek
Deep Space Nine
Mission Gamma - Book 4
Lesser Evil

Author: Robot Simpson
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ISBN 0 7434 1024 6
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Chaos erupts aboard Deep Space Nine and a fragile alliance shatters as the crew embarks on a desperate search for a killer in their midst. Meanwhile, aboard the Defiant, the chance to right a past tragedy proves too tempting for a commander to resist as he puts himself and his mission in sudden jeopardy...

And so Lesser Evil brings the Mission Gamma series to an end, the threads so carefully exposed and twisted over the past three volumes are finally unravelled. But has it been worth the wait? Generally the answer is yes if only because Simpson clearly understands the DS9 characters and the political environment that made the show such a joy.

Kira's plunge into galactic politics spins out of control while the Defiant and its crew head back to the wormhole and a revelation about a past mission. Lesser Evil is that rare thing - a near-perfect book. It ties many of the plot lines together with great carefully but leaves just enough open to tantalise. Moreover, the whole story comes full circle in Lesser Evil in a first class ending.

From beginning to end, Mission Gamma has been an entertaining read but the final book is by far the best. What stared out in Twilight and continued through This Gray Spirit, and Cathedral has proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable journey, albeit one that has taken its time to tell.

Anthony Clark

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