Star Trek
book seven
What Lay Beyond

Authors: Various
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ISBN 0 7434 5683 1
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What Lay Beyond contains six short stories, each a conclusion to one of the previous novels in the series which each suggested that what existed beyond the Gateways was something momentous.

Wrong, this really is dull stuff with the exception of the final story. Moreover, each of the conclusions could just as easily have been part of the original stories. Think 'marketing ploy', think 'dull', think 'stay away'...

Gateways never needed seven books to tell this story and in spreading the narrative so thin the whole endeavour has become over-stretched. But what really annoys is that with a little editing the story of the ancient Iconian Gateways could have been so much better. As it is we're left with what looks like a cynical ploy to wring yet more cash out of the already hard-pressed wallets of Trek fans.

Best avoided.

Anthony Clark

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