Star Trek
Nemesis - Junior Novel

Author: John Vornholt
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 6159 2
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En route to a wedding celebration, the Enterprise is redirected to the Romulan homeworld. A civil war there has opened the possibility of a peace treaty with the Federation. And the Romulan Praetor has arranged to have the Federation brought in to discuss the future of the galaxy. No more Neutral Zone? An end to centuries of hostilities dating back to the first encounter with the Romulans? Is this too good to be true?...

Star Trek: Nemesis tries to recapture the magic that was evident in The Wrath of Kahn. Sadly, the movie never quite manages to live up to its expectations.

The junior edition of the movie novelisation, however, will help young adults to understand a little better what the original script had in mind. In the novel there is less emphasis on large ship battles and lots of flashing lights and eardrum bursting sound effects and more information on what is going through the Praetor's mind. I felt much more sympathetic towards his plight than I did during the movie.

Also there are a number of scenes included here which are absent from the movie. There is a brief scene with Wesley Crusher (only a few sentences) and an interesting plot development, which wasn't even hinted at in the movies, which gives Worf a slightly larger role. Did anyone else think it was strange that Worf never mentioned the fact that Romulans were responsible for his parents death? Well the novelisation goes into this with some detail.

At £4 this book is great value for money and even has a number of colour pages featuring images from the movie.

Nick Smithson

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