Star Trek
The Brave and the Bold
Book Two

Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 1923 5
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The last of the four Zalkat Union artefacts have been located and the deadly weapons - which can control planetary weather and human thought - have been turned against the Federation. It's up to the captains and crews of the Federation starships Enterprise and Hood, and the Klingon ship Gorkon to halt the seemingly unstoppable death and destruction...

The nasty business with the Zalkatian artefacts continues in book two of The Brave and the Bold.

First we get a little pre-Caretaker Voyager which features Chakotay's Maquis cell. In this story, we learn precisely how and why Tuvok infiltrated the Maquis which is a nice touch. Then we move sideways in time to Picard's Enterprise and the discovery of the fourth artefact.

Unfortunately, the previous pieces have been lost along with several important people in both the Klingon Empire and the Federation - including Federation Ambassadors Worf and Spock. Captains Picard and Klingon commander Klag must work together to find them.

Yes, you're right, it does all smell a little like someone meeting a bet. The "Can you get everyone who was anyone into two Trek novels?" type of thing. However, it works, just about, although much of the action seems either rushed of really too slight to carry the feeling of doom that should have permeated the narrative.

Anthony Clark

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