Star Trek
The Brave and the Bold
Book One

Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 1922 7
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Energy-emitting weapons, which spread disease and wreak havoc, have been scattered on different worlds of the Zalkat Union. The captains and crews of the
Enterprise, Constellation, Odyssey, and Deep Space Nine are the only ones who may be able to stop the ultimate destruction of civilisation...

Ancient artefacts... a weapon of fantastic strength... the potential to disrupt the balance of power... been there, seen it, done it. Yawn! But hold on a moment. We may be getting tired of these multi-part Trek novels that manage to drag in characters from the show's past and present but The Brave and the Bold manages to do it with a certain amount of style.

Book one has a three-part structure - the prelude which sets the story up with the 22nd century discovery of the existence of the Zalkatian artefact, part one which sees Commodore Matt Decker, just prior to The Doomsday Machine episode, encounter a mysterious plague, and part two, set against the politics of DS9, which sees a group of terrorists discover another artefact.

And it's all very entertaining. So what happens next?

Anthony Clark

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