Sabrina: the Teenage Witch
Hounded by Baskervilles

Author: Mercer Warriner
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ISBN 0 7434 44930 4
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When Sabrina doesn't have time to finish reading the classic novel The Hound of the Baskervilles for her English class, she summons the main character and famous sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, to give her the low down on the book. But when Sabrina's professor brings his dog to class for a demonstration, Sabrina has an allergic reaction and sneezes. Now the professor is barking in the lecture hall, and at home Roxie hisses like a snake and Morgan insists on eating only grains...

Hounded by Baskervilles sees Sabrina up to her old tricks again. This time around she is not sure how her spells have manifest themselves. And no amount of help from her aunts can resolve what is a tricky situation.

This book allows fans to gather more of an insight into Sabrina's personal life as it includes a lot of interaction with her friends. She also spends much of her time in another realm - which will be familiar to Sherlock Holmes fans. It is while in this realm that Salem meets up with an old flame.

Hounded by Baskervilles is a very well written and enjoyable book which is sure to appeal to the teenage market. Clever fans may work out how Sabrina can reverse her accidental spell making but, for those who can't, this will keep you guessing right until the end.

Heather Simpson


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