Author: Doranna Durgin
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An otherwise peaceful day at Angel Investigations is disturbed by the arrival of a desperate man - and the demon at his heels The gang quickly disposes of the monster, only to find that it decomposes the instant it dies, leaving them with little by the way of identifying characteristics. The man is of no help, as he's fallen victim to a stolen identity scam: he's been wooed by a false Angel and is consequently distrustful of the real deal, and he's certainly not going to give up the ancient stone he's pocketed.

Angel's freaked by the thought of his very own impersonator but he doesn't have time to reflect on the situation as Lorne reports some bad mojo over at Caritas that needs handling. But whatever's getting to under all the local demon's skin seems to be affecting Angel as well. Will they work out what's going on before the rampages begin?...

Impressions likes to play a lot on Angel's darker side - perhaps a bit too much some might say. Yes he was bad, yes he can still turn bad, but no we don't need to be reminded of this every chapter.

As Angel stories go its pretty average - that doesn't make it bad though, although the reiteration of certain points begins to grate after a while. You get a laugh from Angel's strange and weedy sounding impersonator and you get to hear a lot about demon rampages - always fun. And this time you'll recognise a lot of the names from episodes or books you've come across before, as the whole of LA's demon population goes mental.

The stories begins with a simple mistakes which creates a spiralling problems across LA. No one knows what's going on apart from the fact that there are some new strange demons in town and most of them seem to be after the man with the strange stone.

Keri Allan

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