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The Lives of Dax

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Dax has taken on many forms. While fans of the TV series will be familiar with Jadzir and Ezri, and to a lesser extent will have heard information on some of the past hosts, this collection of short stories examines snippets from the lives of Lela, Tobin, Emony, Audrid, Torias, Joran and Curzon...

The Lives of Dax is a fantastic collection of short stories which give us a greater insight into past hosts which we have only caught the briefest of glimpses of in the television series.

I must admit to being a little sceptical as to whether Dax was a strong enough character to warrant a novel to herself. However, after reading the first short story all doubts were pushed from my mind.

Without a doubt my favourite story was Steven Barnes' The Music Between the Notes. This centred around Curzon, who we have seen briefly in a couple of DS9 episodes, and one of the many adventures that he and Sisko shared.

Also Barnes' wicked, if somewhat crude, sense of humour adds a lot to this story. While describing an alien entrance way to a vessel Barnes describes it as being like a mammalian sphincter. He then goes on to say:

  • With a tiny whiff of escaping atmosphere, the sphincter opened and the Azziz ambassador stood before us.

The rest of the stories are also of an above average standard, helping to flesh out the Dax character. When I get around to watching DS9 when it is released on DVD I'm sure I will see Dax in a whole new light.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Pete Boomer


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