Star Trek
Deep Space Nine
Rising Son

Author: S.D. Perry
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 4838 3
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After reading an ancient prophecy that told of a son destined to enter the celestial temple of the prophets and return home with a lost herald, Jake Sisko is convinced that the ancient text foretells his destiny. Entering the wormhole to rescue his father Jake is flung across the galaxy by a power beyond his understanding. Close to death, he is rescued by a strange ship with an even stranger crew and joins them on a voyage unlike any other. Jake learns that his search for the truth will lead him to find the last thing he ever expected, and to discoveries far beyond his wildest imaginings...

Rising Son starts with a DS9 alien from season one, Tosk - the hunted. However, once the story begins it soon becomes apparent that it is going to be a long and heavy slog to get through this book.

From the moment Jake wakes up things look bad. He has been rescued by a passing ship. The first alien he meets is a talking dog? OK, I suspended disbelief - this is Star Trek after all. But the next thing you know we are introduced to the rest of the crew of the space vessel and there are far too many to take in. Oh, and none of them are really that interesting.

Fifty pages in, and still nothing has happened. I've heard about building a plot, but this is ridiculous.

Dull, hard going and unworthy of the Star Trek title.

Nick Smithson

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